About Linda

Linda Mellor, 54, is a freelance writer, professional photographer and author. She wrote her first novel in 2018, followed it up with two more in the series, and is currently working on her fourth fiction book. Linda also published her first non-fiction book called, ‘For the Love of Country Sports,’ via Amazon on 12th August 2019.

Dysart, London and The Cotswolds

‘I was born in Dysart, Fife and moved to London in my early 20s and worked in mainstream recruitment for a couple of years then progressed into specialist search and selection. In 2000, I moved out to the home counties and established myself as a professional press photographer working on local rural and regional news stories.’


Linda started writing press releases and website content for a large website she created to help women. She moved to Cumbria and combined her writing and freelance photography for a local news group, and continued with her photographic services for national news stories, magazine features and private commissions. ‘I have always enjoyed working with people and the skills I gained from my years of interviewing people are fully utilised for writing.’

Return to Scotland

Returning to Scotland in 2012 created an opportunity for Linda to specialise in the countryside sector, an area she had grown up with and knew well. She established herself as one of the few Scottish country sports writers and professional photographers. Her work is (click on link) widely published, she writes magazine features and columns about the countryside, wildlife and rural pursuits. ‘My childhood was spent in the countryside with horses and gun dogs, and it instilled a lifelong love and respect for the outdoors.abc_roedeer_buck_photography  I love feeling the wind in my hair and the fresh air in my lungs. I feel happy outdoors: wandering through woodland with my camera, and my lifelong passion, of watching and photographing roe deer.’


Earlier in 2019, Linda commenced working on a rural project based in North Cumbria, she loved being back in one of her favourite English counties. ‘I’ve always loved the Cumbrian landscape, there is something beguiling about the topography and its rich and vibrant display. From dawn to dusk, you are never disappointed.’

Writing 50 Onwards & Upwards

In spring 2018, Linda began writing the novels after dreaming about their launch, and in less than 2 months, she had written 100,000+ words.

‘Writing fiction was completely new to me. I loved how it challenged and consumed me, and also, how excited I felt about creating something unique. I dreamt about the novels, it was so clear and detailed, so I couldn’t ignore it. When I began writing the novels, I couldn’t stop! Every thought I had revolved around it and sometimes I had to pull myself back into my real life. Writing novels made me feel like I’d come home after a lifetime of searching. It was also very therapeutic and made me realise there are many more novels within me needing to come out.’


Linda Mellor is a self-taught writer and photographer, and puts her life and work experience into her writing. Linda enjoys the variety of work projects and different locations, an avid reader, and a lover of the countryside and wildlife.

2018 and 2019 – more books!

Linda published 50 Onwards & Upwards Books 1 and 2 on Amazon, in March 2019 Book 3 was published. Progress is being made on Book 4. 

‘I love working with the characters and using my creativity to carve a life for them. There will be more dating mishaps, relationships challenges, exciting adventures and maybe a murder or two!’


Linda has interviewed many people over the years about their involvement in country sports, and noticed one recurring theme – their passion. ‘I felt compelled to write a non-fiction book to share and celebrate the passion men and women have for spending time outdoors and participating in country sports. I asked 40 people to take part and was delighted by the heartfelt stories they shared.’