About Linda

Linda Mellor, 57, is a freelance writer, and photographer, editor of Scotland in 4 Seasons Magazine and an independent author of three books: one fiction (2020) and two non-fiction (2019 and 2020). All are published and available on Amazon. Over the last two decades, Linda’s written and photographic work was published in magazines, on websites and in books.

Linda Mellor

Happily living in the Scottish highlands surrounded by hills and wildlife, Linda writes about rural life, remote living and working, wildlife and countryside workers. Scotland has an abundance of flora and fauna, throughout the seasons there is much to study and photograph. Since childhood, Linda has loved deer, and has a specific interest in Red and Roe, and enjoys photographing them at every opportunity.

2021 News! A new magazine called ‘Scotland in 4 Seasons’ is now available. The first issue was published in January 2021, and the Spring issue swiftly followed and was published on March 10th, 2021. Linda Mellor said, “Scotland in 4 Seasons is a quarterly magazine exploring our connections with Scotland. It is stuffed full of interesting features, a wide variety of topics, and stunning photography.” Scotland in 4 Seasons Magazine website

2022 NEWS! As we emerge from the last two years, there is much to do. With Game Fairs back on the calendar, the Scottish Game Fair in July is going to a date for everyone’s diary. Linda will be hosting interviews, updates to follow. Linda is working on her second fiction book, based in the Scottish countryside with an eclectic range of characters, and aiming to publish independently by winter of 2022.