Practical tips on how to plan, write and publish a book with no experience, or money

By Linda Mellor

Paperback : 65 pages ISBN-13 : 979-8553870911 Publisher : Independently published (26 Oct. 2020) ASIN : B08M8GWRBX Language: : English

A book designed to give real, practical tips on how to plan, write and publish a book with no experience or money. The entire book is based on actual experience of writing and self publishing two books, one fiction book and one non-fiction (see below).

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The Onwards and Upwards Girls

by Linda Mellor

Paperback: 280 pages Publisher: Independently published (31 Aug 2020) Language: English ISBN-10: B08H5FV1PM ISBN-13:  979-8680996218

Love, life, laughter and murder for four friends in their fifties as they navigate their way through life and dating. Based in Fife, Scotland, Fiftysomethings, Karen, Annie, Bernie and Faye enjoy a long awaited get-together but the evening takes a sinister turn when Annie, a widow, drunkenly confesses to murdering her first husband.

After a brawl at the local theatre, Karen is approached by Annie’s ex-brother-in-law, and discovers how unpopular Annie really is. The girls are left wondering what happened to her second husband.

A sudden death and subsequent funeral reveals bitterness and a secret affair. Karen spends a week at her Uncle’s on the West coast to recuperate from an operation, and when she is ready to return to Fife, a plane crash denies her a chance of love.

Artist Faye leaves France to settle back in Scotland, but when her new boyfriend dies after a tragic incident in Annie’s stableyard, Annie is arrested. A deadly turn of events changes their lives and four become three. Karen, Faye and Bernie look forward to a new start and a night at the Daffodil ball on a country estate in East Lothian. After a visit to North Berwick, Faye finds out her love interest is still entangled with his estranged wife. Bernie is sacked for sexual harassment of her work colleague who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend, and faces further prosecution. She is summoned to Cumbria by one of her late mother’s oldest friends and given a double dose of shocking news.

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For the Love of Country Sports

by Linda Mellor

Paperback: 195 pages Publisher: Independently published (22 July 2019) Language: English ISBN-10:1082022616  ISBN-13: 978-1082022616

Linda’s first non-fiction paperback, published on 12th August 2019, celebrates the passion men and women have the outdoors, wildlife and country sports. Linda invited 40 people to share their stories, ‘I was thrilled with the positive responses, everyone wanted to share stories about their countryside experiences, who got them started and what inspired them. The stories were heartfelt and distinct, with one major theme – a passion for the outdoors and country sports. It is all about the love…’

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