Making the most of your dating profile?

Making the most of your dating profile?

12th February 2019 dating trends life over 50 over 50 0

Growing older is something we all hope to do but ageing on our own isn’t something most of us wish for, life is better if you share it with a loved one.

Loneliness is a big topic and in the busy over-50 dating market there are a choice of dedicated websites who’ll happy take your membership fee and promise a selection of great matches. But how dedicated are these sites? If you have joined up you’ll know about the process of populating your profile with basic information, adding a recent photo or two showing you smiling, looking happy, and enjoying yourself.

Happiness is attractive, isn’t it?

Many websites claim to vet photographs, well if that’s the case, why do so many profile pictures contain obscure images of men (I am a woman writing about dating men) wearing sunglasses, hats, wigs and motorcycle helmets. Go through a selection of profiles of men seeking women and you are sure to find photographs taken at odd angles including unflattering up the nostrils shots, in poor light and out of focus, with mouth open, and not smiling with a mean-looking expression and the loveable username of ‘warrior’.

Would-be Lotharios never stop to think about what they are wearing, or maybe some do, and pose without a top on – we’ve all seen the hairy chested guys trying to look casually appealing to their selfie camera on their phone. Perhaps, they’re sitting at home unaware of the plastic coat-hanger or lampshade sprouting from the back of their head or the negative impact a dirty, cluttered kitchen backdrop may have on their claims of being ‘a great cook’.

Do they ever wonder why they’re not making contact with ladies looking for love?


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